Metro Vancouver's last remaining transit-oriented development site of this scale and context.

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Comprised of over 12 acres of land, Gilmore Place is anticipated to feature approximately 450,000 square feet of newly constructed transit-oriented retail space with an inviting communal plaza and an abundance of residential development and over 1 million square feet of office, directly on-site.

Surrounded by long-established neighbourhoods and on-site multi-family residential developments, Gilmore Place will offer an architecturally unique, walkable and convenient shopping experience for current and future locals alike. Given the village's strategic and transit-oriented location at Gilmore Avenue and Lougheed Highway, next to Gilmore SkyTrain Station, commuters from the surrounding communities will further augment the demand for Gilmore Place's collection of stores, boutique retailers, and restaurant vendors.

Gilmore Place is poised to be an exciting new shopping destination for all of Metro Vancouver.


Gilmore Place is stationed in a hub of rapid development throughout Burnaby.

  • 2000+ homes (excluding single family homes) have recently been sold or are currently selling.*
  • North Burnaby is the highest area of growth in comparison to North and Central Burnaby
  • 17% population growth within 1km of Gilmore Place over the past 5 years* with more to come over the next upcoming years.
  • Neighbourhood currently includes a potential of approximately 10,000 higher density homes

* August 2014 Estimate


Gilmore Place features a diverse mix of restaurants, grocers, fashion, entertainment and general merchandise. The projects offers highly visible locations on Lougheed Highway, Gilmore Avenue, and SkyTrain Station.



Gilmore Place will be a vibrant community with the potential to provide up to 2.7 million square feet of residential development over 5 high rise towers.
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Gilmore Place is strategically located in the vibrant Brentwood region of North Burnaby. In addition, the SkyTrain Station situated on the property makes this one of the most attractive office opportunities in Metro Vancouver. This community will offer up to one million square feet of new sustainable office space.



Gilmore Place is part of a greater network of SkyTrain stations that cater to approximately 50.5 million riders annually with the completion of the Evergreen Line, ridership on this line is projected to increase exponentially.



Located at the intersection of Lougheed Highway and Gilmore Avenue, this vibrant high-traffic retail community will be a draw for neighbouring communities, passers-by, and residents alike. Its prime location connects the Gilmore Place community to the rest of Metro Vancouver.



Check out the live construction camera at Gilmore Place.



Check out the flythrough below for a sneak peek of what Burnaby's most anticipated new transit oriented community will look like!

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Gilmore Place

Gilmore Place is part of Burnaby's larger revitalization and transit-oriented urban growth masterplan. Located at the intersection of Lougheed Highway and Gilmore Avenue, this vibrant high-traffic retail community will draw neighbouring communities, passers-by, and residents alike. Its prime location at Gilmore SkyTrain Station connects the Gilmore Place community to the rest of Metro Vancouver.


(Dawson to Stillcreek - 2005)



(1st AVE to 2n Ave - 2000)



(Madison to Wilingdon - 2007)



(Madison to Rosser - 2011)


Gilmore Place Statistics Forecasts

Median Age
Top Minorities


2014: 103,500
106,300 - 107,100 (0.75% )

2014: $84,100
$101,900-$121,300 (19.04% )

2019 Estimate: 41
Majority @11%: 35-39

Chinese, Filipino, Italian


2014: 287,800
304,400 - 321,900 (5.75% )

2014: $75,500
$90,800-$106,000 (17.29% )

2019 Estimate: 40
Majority @10%: 25-29

Chinese, Filipino, Vietnamese


2014: 969,700
1,048,200-1,118,300 (6.69% )

2014: $80,300
$97,000-$114,000 (17.53% )

2019 Estimate: 40
Majority @9%: 30-34

Chinese, Filipino, Punjabi

Onni Group

The Onni Group is one of North America’s leading private real estate developers, with extensive experience designing, developing, building and managing innovative projects. As a fully integrated company that directly oversees every step in the development process, Onni has constructed over 15,000 new homes, owns and manages more than 7,200 rental apartments, built more than 11.5 million sq.ft. of office, retail and industrial space, and have an additional 28 million sq.ft. of space in different phases of development. With offices in Vancouver, Toronto, Chicago, Los Angeles, Seattle, Phoenix and Mexico, Onni continues to expand and diversify into new markets throughout North America.

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